the club will be closed from 06-08-18 to 03-09-18  we are available for you on 04-09-18
















In our club there aren’t too many rules but they’re clear and sharp, all our rules must be followed by our guests with no exception.
Our main rule is that when someone says NO it’s NO and you shouldn’t argue about it. Everyone has the right to make their own decisions.
Strong influence of alcohol, drugs, prostitution and young people under 18 years are not allowed in our club.
Cameras, mobile phones are totally forbidden in the club area.
The access to our club is only for people wearing the appropiate clothes and an appropiate aspect.
For reasons of cleanliness and hygiene we ask that you put the towel on the playing bed.
Please return the used towels in the bar and throw the condoms and paper tissues in the garbage container
For your own security and hygiene reasons tobacco and the transport of food and beverage is totally forbidden in the game area.
Upon entering the air game area (mattress, bed) footwear of any kind is prohibited
If something bothers you in the club please advise our team and they will solve it quickly
We wish our guests a lot of fun and a pleasant stay in our club.
Kind Regards,
Moonlight Dream Swingerclub

Our Club

  • 280sqm of game area

  • 5 private houses

  • BDSM and dark room

  • Lockers

  • Big game bed

  • Dancing area with pole dance bars

  • Different days with erotic themes










Nude day (FKK)

35€Premium Party

Live Erotic  Show

Pole Dance Show

The SEX Orgies

Couples Night


Monday – Closed

Tuesday – Nude day (FKK)

Wednesday – 35€ Premium Party

Thursday -Live Erotic  Show

Friday – Pole Dance Show

Saturday – The SEX Orgies

Sunday – Couples Night


  • Couples free

  • Men solo 40€ (locker + towell + 1 drink)

  • Women free

Timetable: Tuesday to Friday from 20:00 to 03:00
Mondays Closed

Desscode erotic
We don’t admit towels or bathrobes

In the bar we also have:

  • Locker with two towels for 5€

  • Extra towel for 2€ each unit

All playgrounds have condoms and paper towels


Moonlight Dream Swinger Club

D. Giuseppe Richter tel.0034-646447134


Shopping Centre Nilo

Avenida de Moya 10

35100 Playa Del Ingles

Gran Canaria, Spain